RUST BELT DIVISION- SHIRT I- CONRAIL.. available now. Pocket print for authentic blue collar feel. S M L XL currently available.  $13 postage paid through mailorder.  Email for ordering information.  Act now, before cease and desist orders come pouring in.

RUST BELT DIVISION is a Buffalo, NY based t-shirt project started in 2010.  It’s focus is making available long lost designs that show a sense of pride in the Rust Belt’s broken and dismantled industrial heritage.  Company names, logos, and icons that were familiar to our parents and grandparents, but to us have been mysteries that leave us to wonder about their impact and existence: their rise and their fall.  These “obsolete” designs in recent years have become more and more scarce throughout our cities, as modern times demand their removal and replacement.  Decrepit and desolate concrete, brick, iron and steel are seen by the general public as blight, not as a proud symbol of what our motherland once was.  In obvious actuality, wearing a t-shirt will have little impact to the survival of our fading history.  That is fine…  let them read as gravestones.

These t-shirts are limited and printed locally in Buffalo, NY.  Not limited in the demented cash cow marketing sense, but in the meaning that there are very few printed and their time of availability will be short.  Under 50 of each design are made, and once they are gone it is onto the next shirt.  This project was started with $125.  The money from each shirt sold goes into the next run.. not into pocket.  Your support is appreciated and respected.

All shirts are available through mail-order and at select public events that will be announced.  Availability in a retail setting is tentative.


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