Tom Otterness nyc


Tom Otterness (b. 1952 in Wichita, Kansas) is an American sculptor whose works adorn parks, plazas, subway stations, libraries, courthouses and museums in New York—most notably in Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City[1]and in the 14th Street/8th Avenue subway station—and other cities around the world. He was the first artist ever to have contributed a balloon to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.[2] “…he made a giant Humpty Dumpty suspended in an upside-down tumble, as though he might have jumped from one of the swanky Central Park West rooftops…”[3]

His style is often described as cartoonish and cheerful but tends to carry a political punch.[4] His sculptures are filled with multiple meanings and allude to sex, class, money and race.[5] These sculptures depict, among other things, huge pennies, pudgy characters in business suits with moneybag heads, helmeted workers holding giant tools, and an alligator crawling out from under a sewer cover. The main theme of his work seems to be the struggle of the little man against the capitalist machine in a difficult and strange city. His aesthetic can be seen as a riff oncapitalist realism and blends high and low, cute and cutting[6]

Known primarily as a public artist, Otterness has exhibited in popular exhibitions in locations across the United States and around the world, including New York CityIndianapolis,Beverly Hills, the Hague, Munich, Paris, Valencia and Venice. His studio is located in the Gowanus neighborhood in Brooklyn.




2 responses to “Tom Otterness nyc

  1. Excellent shot. Love the juxtaposition with the real dog. Where did you find this one?

  2. Thanks for posting this. I’ve enjoyed Otterness’s work in Holland and it’s good to find out more. Cheers, Richard

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